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Wallmount, Bracket Mount Plasma, LCD Screens

The biggest innovation to television since the development of colour and the Cathode Ray Tube has been Plasma and LCD panels. These units are more energy efficient and have superior picture quality than older TVs but the main attraction of these TVs is the depth of the cabinet. As Plasma and LCDs become cheaper, they become more popular and now more and more customers prefer to mount units on a wall rather than sit on a stand or pedestal.

Even the wall brackets are more sophisticated. They used to be a flat piece of metal that was bolted to a wall stud and the panel slid into grooves. It was flat against the wall and couldn't move.

Now brackets can move sideways, tilt up and down, swing out from the wall or be put into a corner.

Alron Enterprises has skilled installers who can put a Plasma or LCD Panel on a wall, virtually anyway the customer wants.

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"We had a very large double-door fridge freezer delivered by Alron and we found them to be highly professional and well organised. We would recommend them. " Carolyn, March 2008.



Also with the panel on the wall, customers do not want all the wires hanging down in plain view. They want them hidden out of sight. Once again Alron Enterprises have the staff and knowledge to do this, even with existing walls.

A good percentage of this work is from recommendations by customers who are satisfied with a job well done .

Wallmount panel  Wallmount panel
Wallmounting panels  Wallmounting panels
Wallmounting panels  Wallmounting panel

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